Terms & Conditions

 Activity refers to Sumo or Super Hero Suits, Gladiator, Boxing and Pole joust

1.An adult over the age of 18 must stand at the front of the castles at the bottom  of the slide and in the front of each activity at all times.

2.Shoes must be removed whilst using any of the equipment:

3.No Climbing on the Walls or Beams on any of Boing Boing fun equipment:

4.No Summersaults or Back Flips on the castles or activities:

5.Pole Joust, Gladiator, Sumo and Boxing . Everyone must fight his or her own gender, weight, strength and age:

6.No drinks, food or cigarettes on or near the equipment:

7.No sharp objects, all sharp objects including glasses must be removed:

8.No one must use any of Boing Boing Fun equipment under the influence of DRUGS, ALCOHOL or any MEDICATION:

9.No on must move the equipment:

10.No animals on or near the equipment:

11.Keep children away from the fan and bungee cord:

  1. Children must not be allowed to stand at the top of the slides. All children must sit when sliding down the slides:
  2. All slides are made for one child at a time:

14.No one must use the equipment if they have an injuries or medical conditions:

15.Boing Boing Fun take no responsibility for any damage caused to the venue due to transporting the equipment or electrical faults:

16.In high winds let down the castle. It is the responsibility of the host to monitor the winds at all times. Only when it is safe to do so you may put the castle back up.

17.If it starts to rain heavily put down the castle and cover the electrics:

18.Any boisterous behaviour must be stopped immediately:

19.Any children using the activities must be supported whilst they are on or using the activity:

20.YOU MUST SIT on the pedestals whilst using the gladiator:

21.When using the Sumo or Super Hero Suits you must be able to see the wrists of the user , this will support them should they fall, if you are unable to see the wrists then the suits cannot be used:

22.Sumo or Super Hero fighting must only be done on the mats provided:

  1. Protective equipment must be worn when using any of the activities:
  2. Older children and younger children must not use the equipment at the same time: Adults must also use the equipment separately to the children:

24.Any injuries occurred must be reported immediately to Boing Boing Fun 07834713363 and medical treatment received within two hours of injury occurring:

25.Mats must be kept out the front of the castles at all times:

  1. Should the equipment come back damaged or dirty Boing Boing Fun have the right to charge for any maintenance or cleaning charge (Cleaning charge £25 per castle or activity)

27.Should any of Boing Boing Fun equipment get lost or stolen it is the responsibility of the hire to cover the cost of the equipment and loss of business.

28.Should any part of the jenga, Connect 4, Limbo or the Diddy Cars get broken or lost the hirer will need to cover the cost of the equipment and loss of business.

29.The Tug Of War Rope is not to be used for anything other than Tug Of War. Children must not play with the rope:

30.The front step of the castles should only be used to get on and off the castle. Children must not sit or bounce on the front step:

31.Boing Boing Fun will take no responsibility for any injury casued whilst using our equipment. We advise that the hirer takes out their own insurance (Leisure Insure 01993 700761) to cover for injuries whilst using Boing Boing Fun equipment:

  1. A copy of these rules have been left with the hirer:
  2. If there is anything that you are not sure about please contact Boing Boing Fun on 07834713363